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Managing Director

Uzziel HABIMANA is a co-founder Managing director of Ikawa House Ltd . Uzziel has over 18 years’ experience in the coffee industry, he is Q-grade certified and was trained as a “cupper” through the USAID/PEARL Project. He previously worked at: Bufcoffee ltd, KZNoir; SPREAD/ USAID Project and Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd Member of VOLCAFE Group. And has been selected to serve as National and International Roaster for the Rwanda Cup of Excellence. Uzziel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social sciences from Kigali Independent University (ULK).


Director of Operations and Marketing

Laetitia Mukandahiro was born and raised in Rwanda, in a family of coffee farmers in the Northern Province. On leaving High school school, Laetitia joined the Dukundekawa Musasa Coffee Cooperative (Where her father was also a member). She started working on drying tables and after just one week received training on cupping. It was at a time when they was some anti –caffeine sentiment and she was implored by friends to give up coffee! However, with her strong coffee heritage behind her she refused to give up and quickly became a cupping champion. She was then recruited by the Rwanda small holder Specialty Coffee Company (RWASHOSCCO) as Head cupper for 6 years. The salary from this position allowed Laetitia to pay her way through University where she gained a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Subsequently working for the washing station management firm at KZNoir for Five years and shifted to the noted Rwandan Coffee producer and exporter Buf coffee as Quality control and sustainability Manager for 3 years. Today she is the Founder and Owner of Ikawa house Ltd ,the company that she founded in February 2019. She is also a Q Grader Certified since 2011 and has served on multiple International Rwanda cup of excellence competition as National & International judge. It is Laetitia’s dream to build a sustainable coffee community in Rwanda, creating brighter futures for young Rwandans through Ikawa House education center and take Rwandan specialty coffee to the world of high speciality coffees


Head Roaster

Meet Patrick Ntibandikure Our head roaster with advanced level in coffee cupping since 2016. He does everything for the love of coffee and all people behind it . Patrick owns a coffee plantation of 2000 Arbica coffee trees in Northern province of Rwanda. His big fear is to see that young generation are not interested in coffee farming sector. His happiness is to drink a morning cup of coffee brewed by French press. His motivation to inspire young people around him.


IT and Logistics Officer

Honore CYUBAHIRO is a creative thinker who officially entered on coffee career 2017, with highly appreciated my professionalism and ethics however keep building in Logistics with different organizations in Rwanda hence Continuously improvement of technical knowledge as well as the opportunity to work with part of strong team, which are able to achieve the proposed targets of quality and great performance.